Innometriks Validation System for Tyco/Software House CCURE 9000 – 10108

Product Information
Product Name Validation System for Tyco/Software House CCURE 9000
Product Number Please see Approval Letter
Category PACS Validation System
Supplier Tyco Security Products/Innometriks
APL# 10108
Valid Date 01/16/2015
Compliant with TAA Yes
View Approval Letter (PDF, December 2016)
Product Details
Product Name Hardware Version Software Version Firmware Version Part Number
Innometriks Infinitas ID Server FICAM Authorization and Path Validation Server 1.55 INNO-INFI-IDS
Innometriks Infinitas Enrollment Client 1.34 INNO-INFI-EC
Innometriks Infinitas Panel Server 1.74 INNO-INFI-PS
Innometriks Enrollment Server 1.23 INNO-INFI-ES
Innometriks Infinitas 8-port RS485 Hub 1.1 INNO-INFI-ES
PACS Configuration
Topology PACS Infrastructure PACS Validation PACS PIV Reader PACS V-Infrastructure
13.01 PACS Infrastructure for Tyco Security Products CCURE 9000 Validation System for Tyco/Software House C*CURE 9000 – Innometriks Cheetah Reader