Approved Products List – PIV Cards

Approved Products List – PIV Cards

The Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards listed below have been approved for FICAM implementation under the FIPS 201 Evaluation Program. These are blank PIV cards available for purchase. A PIV service provider will personalize these blank cards for federal agencies and contractors. PIV service providers are required to use PIV card stock from this Approved Products List.

Please note:  Tri-Interface cards are not approved for Federal Government PIV or CAC card use. Agencies should not procure them. They are listed on the APL for industry-only procurement.

Manufacturers may call Tri-Interface cards by different names (for example, Dual Hybrid). The prohibited feature of Tri-Interface cards is a prox interface (a 125 kHz antenna).

Agencies should procure only cards validated by the NIST Personal Identity Verification Program (NPIVP).

PIV Cards – Approved

PIV Cards – Awaiting Approval
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Approved PIV Cards

PIV Cards Awaiting Approval

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Page Reviewed/Updated: December 4, 2017