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FPKI Technical Working Group (TWG)

The TWG focuses on advancing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. It investigates and resolves complex technical issues and proposed modifications to the Federal PKI (FPKI).


  • Identify and scope technical issues that impact the operation of the FPKI
  • Address security concerns and vulnerabilities that could weaken the FPKI Trust Fabric
  • Identify technical improvements to enhance the security and operational capabilities of the FPKI


This group is open to technical participants from federal agencies and their contractors. There are no formal membership requirements, and anyone from a federal agency or who supports an agency may attend.

  • To join, send us an email and include the text “Request to Join TWG” in the subject line.


The group meets on an as-needed basis. Recent meetings have followed government guidance to be virtual only.

Minutes from Past TWG Meetings

Page Reviewed/Updated: July 23, 2020