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 Federal Public Key Infrastructure Management Authority (FPKIMA)

Governed under the Federal PKI Policy Authority (FPKIPA) and managed by GSA, the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Management Authority (FPKIMA) provides trust infrastructure services to federal agencies.


  • Manage digital certificate policies and standards to ensure secure physical and logical access, document sharing, and communications across federal agencies and between external business partners.
  • Operate the Federal PKI Trust Infrastructure, which consists of three main certification authorities (CA):
    • Federal Common Policy CA (FCPCA) is the trust anchor for the Federal Government. Authorized CAs issue certificates for exclusive use by the Federal Government for federal employees and contractors, to include the PKI certificates on the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credential.
    • Federal Bridge CA (FBCA) is the PKI Bridge that enables interoperability between and among federally operated and business partner PKIs.
    • SHA1 Federal Root CA (SHA1 FRCA) supports federal legacy PKI that requires the deprecated SHA1 signature hash for certificates.


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