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CPCT Tool v2.0.1 Update

CPCT Tool v2.0.1 Update:

To provide up-to-date security updates to the software components used in the CPCT Tool, a new version of the tool has been released (v2.0.1). This update requires any local copies of the CPCT tool to be updated by removing the old version and reinstalling the latest release.

CPCT Update Instructions:

In order to update the CPCT Tool to the latest release, your current installation of the tool will need to removed from Docker Desktop before installing the the latest release.

Please following the links below for more detailed instructions on the removal and update process:

  1. Remove the current Docker image
  2. Update the CPCT Tool
  3. Please visit the CPCT Tool Wiki for more details on what has been updated or changed.

If you have any questions regarding this action please contact:

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