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CPCT Tool Update:
New Certificate Profiles

In order to keep this tool up-to-date and using the latest Certificate Profiles, users are required to update any local copies of the CPCT Tool they have previously installed to the latest release of the CPCT Tool (CPCT). First, by removing the old version, then downloading and installing the latest release version: see the download link below.

New Certificate Profile updates include:

  • (NEW) Common SSP (v2.5) Profiles
  • (NEW) FBCA (v3.2) Profiles
  • (NEW) Merging of the PIV-I Profiles into the FBCA (v3.2) Profiles.
  • PIV-I Profiles v1.2 and v1.3 remain unchanged for legacy and backwards compatibility.

For more information about Profile changes, see: changelog.

CPCT Update Instructions

In order to update the CPCT tool you will need to remove any existing instances of the Docker image, and subsequently download the latest release and run the installer. Please find the following links with more detailed instructions on this update process:

  1. Remove the current Docker image
  2. Update the CPCT Tool
  3. Installing the CPCT Tool

Additional Resources

What’s the difference between the CPCT Tool (CPCT) and the Certificate Profile Conformance Tool (CPCT)?

  • The CPCT Tool (CPCT) is a Dockerized version of the Certificate Profile Conformance Tool (CPCT) you install on your computer via Docker Desktop. This is GSA’s recommended way to install and use the CPCT Tool
  • The Certificate Profile Conformance Tool (CPCT) is the original code of the web hosted version of the tool, which was removed from service on October 10, 2022.

For more information see: CPCT Tool transition from

If you have any questions regarding this action please contact: fpki dash help at gsa dot gov

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