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Upcoming Migration of Federal PKI Certificate Repository Services

Upcoming changes to the hosting of Federal Public Key Infrastructure Certification Authority (CA) data repositories could impact your agency.

On April 22, 2019, the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Management Authority will migrate the hosting of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) repository services to a cloud-based solution. Existing Federal PKI CA certificate Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) will not change as a result of this migration.

What Will Be Impacted?

This change will affect the hosting of certificate revocation lists, CA certificates, and certificate bundles for the following Federal PKI CAs:

  • Federal Bridge CA 2016
  • Federal Common Policy CA
  • SHA1 Federal Root CA
  • Some Test CAs operating for the FPKI Community Interoperability Test Environment (CITE)

When Will This Change Take Place?

The migration will take place on April 22, 2019.

What Should I Do?

This change will be transparent to Relying Parties, and should not require any agency action.

The FPKI Community Interoperability Test Environment HTTP repository has used the new service since June 2018 with no reported issues.

A new base URL is available for anyone who would like to test the planned repository service update before the April 22, 2019 migration. For example, to download a copy of the Federal Common Policy CA certificate using the cloud-based hosting solution, navigate to

Contact with the subject “CDN Test Issue” if you’d like to learn more about testing or if you have any issues.

Who Can I Contact for Help or More Information?

Email us at

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